If you aren t paying attention every effort
If you aren’t paying attention, every effort the government is making is an effort to dehumanize the population by destroying human interaction and connection. Self-check our counters everywhere, social-distancing from one another, stay away from family, and finally, masking your face forever so we no longer identify one another as individuals and human beings.

I told you at the beginning of this that the masks were never going to be temporary. Hopefully those of you who thought this was about health are now paying attention. The kids are the last and most important step: Once they sufficiently dehumanize children there is no hope for the future because children are the future. Once children believe that masking is normal and being disconnected from one another is normal, America and the west as we know it, is over.

Fight these mandates at every level tooth and nail. WITHDRAW YOUR CHILDREN FROM THESE SCHOOLS. I cannot scream this enough.

Joe Biden s legacy will mirror LBJ s
Joe Biden’s legacy will mirror LBJ’s— he’ll be remembered as an avowed racist who cheated his way to the top, rapidly expanded the welfare state, and (rather than in Vietnam) will be synonymous with disaster in Afghanistan.

Like Lyndon Johnson, Joe Biden will not run again.

There is a full blown media obsession with
There is a full blown media obsession with Texas & Florida because they are standing in the way of the CDC and Biden attempt to radically transform America into a totalitarian state.

Share to support @Ron_DeSantis and Gov. Abbott in their brave efforts to save America.

Who among us hasn t poured their heart
Who among us hasn’t poured their heart out to a prostitute while snorting crack butt naked to discuss the last time you got high butt-naked on a three day crack bender in a Vegas penthouse with Russians while your father was running for President?
We’ve… all been there, Ben.
Williamson County mothers and fathers withdraw your children
Williamson County mothers and fathers: withdraw your children.

The board of education will not take you seriously until you start getting serious.

They honestly believe they own your children. Mass withdrawals will remind them they do not.
Each child=money they receive.
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It took Democrats a state Supreme Court ruling
It took Democrats a state Supreme Court ruling to learn that when you are elected and funded by taxpayers to do a job, it’s not legal to instead fly yourself private out of state to drink beers and boycott work.
Withdraw your kids from state schools If you
Withdraw your kids from state schools.

If you aren’t paying attention yet— they are coming for your children.