The Adventures of Little Tomte We hear so
The Adventures of Little Tomte

We hear so much about little people, house spirits and otherworldly creatures of rich and colourful fables. These wee folk have many roles and daily undertakings, constantly going out and about into the forest or caring for the land on which they dwell. They come in all shapes and sizes; some playful, whereas others are mischievous. But for all their goodness, as well as faults, they can enrich your life through fun and laughter!

Our story begins with a house spirit. Deep within the heart of Scandinavia; on a farm whose family have lived for generations. He is a peculiar one, with a long white beard, red cap and clothed in modest farmer's garb. Tiny yet active, he is the Tomte! The Homestead Man. Known by many names though witnessed by few. He helps his family by cleaning, tending and caring for the family homestead. Despite his small stature he exercises his great strength to do what needs done. The family know not to anger him. For his temperament can unnerve even the hardiest of men.

Although unpredictable he is still loved by his family, receiving nothing but love and treats. And on Christmas Eve! A special treat! A bowl of porridge with butter on top! He really loves his porridge, so you should never take even a single bite from his bowl or suffer his wrath, unless... should he return the kindness thus leaving it for you. Despite all the love, care and kindness, Tomte desires more... An adventure all his own!

To Be Continued...
Happy New Year May this year bring you
Happy New Year!!!

May this year bring you endless cheer, joy, laughter, rest and prosperity. May dreams be realised, projects fulfilled and boundless success for those who've endured so much of late.

From your local folk artist,
Æthelwulf 😁🐺
Hyperborean Radio Retrospective 2022 2022 has been an
Hyperborean Radio Retrospective 2022

2022 has been an interesting year (world events aside) for many and for us at Hyperborean Radio it has been no exception. Many larger projects ended up on backburner as we focused on maintaining a regular schedule and balancing it with the humdrum happenings of day-to-day life. YET TOGETHER we were still able to post over a thousand posts this year several articles and record the second half of season 3 and the first 27 episodes of Season 4 of Hyperborean Radio (Uncensored).

We also had several series of posts this year including long form series such as Animal Lore and Cults of Hyperborea series.

With you we more than doubled both Our Telegram Following and Our Website Traffic!

We were even able to add another Remythed Grimm Tale to our future book in the form of Sleeping Beauty, The Myth of Easter Due to your support we have even been able to put Heathen Artist Neale Rundgren on retainer as a Regular Artist and Graphic Designer for our various ongoing works.

We have a lot planned for the coming Year, but will keep those cards close to the vest until they're ready to be played.

Best Wishes in the New Year.
Celtic God and The Lore Keeper

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Thank You to All Our Supporters and to Those That Share Us and Thank You Especially To Our Friends Who Have been Tremendous Help and Company in this Last Year.

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Thank You and Happy New Year From,
Hyperborean Radio (Uncensored)
The Jul Tide spirit refuses to depart I'm
The Jul Tide spirit refuses to depart. I'm working on a last minute Tomte painting before the season is passed. 😁
Name Wolf's Lullaby<br br Runic Translation Vargen ylar
Name: Wolf's Lullaby

Runic Translation:
Vargen ylar i nattens skog

Han vill men kan inte sova

Hungern river i hans varga buk

Och det är kallt i hans stova

English Translation:
The wolf is howling in the forest of the night

He wants to, but cannot sleep

The hunger tears his wolven stomach

And it's cold in his burrow

Time: 5-7 hours Theme: Swedish Wolf Lullaby

Text from the Lullaby Ronia the Robbers Daughter by Astrid Lindgren. Click for a version sung by Jonna Jinton.

You can find this image for use on the Hyperborean Radio Patreon.

Werewolves were not always something feared or even
"Werewolves were not always something feared or even considered odd. Some areas would not even bat an eye if one were to suddenly cast their soul as a wolf, casually remarking that that was a werewolf battling spirits. A more detailed account of such an individual comes from “The Land of Werewolves” the Baltic Land of Livonia. This is the account of Old Thiess, an eighty year old man who claimed to be a werewolf along with many others who were “The Dogs of God” they would transform into wolves equip themselves with Iron whips to do battle with devils and sorcerers at the edge of the sea to take back the fertility of the fields. A common practice of spirit warfare for the fertility of the land found across Europe. Old Thiess was whipped for his insolent beliefs, even if he framed them in a positive and pseudo-Christian light that he probably believed. These werewolves and witches were an ancient custom and in some cases priests of a god, such as with the Slavic god Simargl. They did not have nearly as many negative connotations as they do today."-Excerpt of Wolves in European Spirituality by I.M. Knosp

Greetings, while I knuckle down to do a deep dive into the lore of the many halls and realms of our Gods I will be doing a series of Wolf Paintings. The attached quotes are from an article on the importance of the Wolf by my good friends at Hyperborean Radio.

Enjoy this series as an intermission between Niflheim and the further Realms and Halls to follow.

Glad Jul,