YCH Pride Month 3 4 For Danny Sebastian
🌈 YCH Pride Month! 🌈

· For Danny Sebastian
Traditional Drawing Auction Single Slot CLOSED Taken by
🔥 Traditional Drawing Auction - Single Slot. 🔥
CLOSED. (Taken by Cyber).

Until now: $15 USD.

✦ SB $3 USD - Sketch.
✦ $10 USD - LineArt.
✦ AB $15 USD - LineArt + Color.

Drawing for sale to adapt your character in this position. Only humans, humanoid and anthropomorphic.
@alg_lob0 Телеграм
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Hi I have updated the Terms of Service
Hi! 🐺💕 I have updated the Terms of Service, and it seems important to show them to you.

It is VERY important that you read the Terms of Service carefully to avoid disappointment or misunderstanding

· Payment must be made via PayPal (angelobog01@gmail.com) (USD only).

  · I'll make a rough sketch of your order where you can make all the corrections you think necessary. After approving it, you will make the fullpayment so that I can continue with your order. Anyway, I'll be sending WIPs of the process. ON THE CONTRARY, if your Commission is only rough sketch, you must make the payment 100% before, because that will be the only image that I'll give you.

  · Once commission is paid, there are NO REFUNDS.
  · If the Commission has not yet been paid but I have started working on the drawing, when you cancel the order you will have to pay what is already done, even if it is the sketch. (The price is the respective one of the drawing phase, not the initially agreed price). Keep in mind that canceling an order is detrimental to everyone.

  · If it is small corrections, it will be free. But if I have to modify a very large or complex part of the drawing, it will include an additional cost that will vary from $2 to $20 USD. This, of course, will be discussed with the client.
  · The main phase of free correction is the sketch. And, failing that, the corrections are paid in the final phase of the drawing, due to the complexity of its correction.

  · The deadline time varies depending on the complexity of the drawing and the other orders that I have at the time.
  · If you want me to prioritize your order over others, you can pay an extra that varies between $10 and $15 USD (depending on the complexity of the character) so that I prioritize your order and deliver it in a short time. Otherwise, I ask you to be patient please. I'll take care of keeping you informed about the status of your drawing.

  · The drawing is for personal use, it cannot be resold or used commercially. To acquire the permission for commercial use, it implies an additional payment that must be agreed with me. In any case, the drawing will always have my watermark as a creator.
  · The credits for creating and owning the characters go to you, but I reserve the credit as the creator of the drawing in question. (This is more than anything a formality to be able to sponsor me and that more people know my work, but I repeat, the copyright of the characters is protected).
  · Regarding the watermark, initially, in each image of the drawing progress, a large watermark will appear (to avoid art theft or plagiarism); but a small watermark will appear in the final result that will not bother the eye, giving me credits as an artist but at the same time being subtle and well integrated into the drawing.

  · The artist (me) has the obligation to show the condition of your drawing, to be accessible with your requests and to respect your artistic tastes and wishes.
  · As an artist I respect your personal tastes and the wishes you have for drawing. However, my limits are in not drawing anything that has to do with sexual abuse (rape) or hatred towards minorities (LGBTQ+ phobia, racism, xenophobia, among others). The excessive gore is dialoguable.
  · As a client, you must respect my work times. If you are not willing to pay to prioritize your order, please be patient.
  · As a client, I ask that the dialogue between us be friendly or at least professional. Avoid mistreatment, offensive comments or question my way of working. That will only delay the work and hurt us both. (In addition to committing me to a situation that generates a lot of anxiety and discomfort).
YCH Pride Month 2 4 OC by Ace
🌈 YCH Pride Month 2/4.

· OC by Ace Fox.
YCH Pride Month Sketch FlatColor OC by Volpek
🌈 YCH Pride Month - Sketch FlatColor 🌈

· OC by: Volpek
PRICE 10 Sketch FlatColors 20 Sketch FullColors 35
· $10 - Sketch + FlatColors.
· $20 - Sketch + FullColors.
⋅ $35 USD - FullArt (FullLineart + FullColor).
⋆ The flag in the background can be the same as or different from the flag the character is holding.

🌈 Only 3 slots open!
Pride Month YCH 1 4 OC by Cyber
🌈 Pride Month YCH! 1/4

·OC by Cyber! 🐺💕

(If you would like to have such a drawing, there are still 3 slots available! Only write me.)
Furry Lovers YCH for Varanus
💕 Furry Lovers 💋

· YCH for Varanus 🐾
Pride me
Pride 🏳‍🌈🏳💥 (me)