From U K Troll Farms to Covert Psyops
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From U.K. Troll Farms to Covert Psyops: The Troubling Past of Nina Jankowicz

WAPO revealed last Wednesday (May 18) that the DOH's highly controversial “Disinformation Governance Board,” was to close, and that its director, Nina Jankowicz—former fellow at the quasi-state Wilson Center think tank, and Ukrainian foreign ministry communications adviser—had resigned.

The exclusive report, authored by Taylor Lorenz, went to enormous efforts to frame the Board’s dissolution as resulting from egregious sabotage by right-wing activists, who engaged in “coordinated online attacks” on its “well-known,” “well-regarded” chief, subjecting her to an “unrelenting barrage of harassment,” which served to “derail” the Biden administration’s benevolent efforts to tackle the “urgent and important issue” of disinformation.

In reality, public backlash against the Board, which erupted immediately following its official launch on April 27, was wide-ranging, and anything but partisan or personal. Prominent rights groups and lawmakers expressed grave concerns about its constitutionality and the obvious risk of its serving as a state censorship mechanism, with many comparisons drawn to the infamous Ministry of Truth conjured by George Orwell in “1984.”

Many legitimate, vital criticisms of Jankowicz were also raised, including her history of slandering independent news outlets, such as The Grayzone, as “Russian disinformation”; frenzied attacks on WikiLeaks and its imprisoned founder, Julian Assange; and enthusiastic advocacy on behalf of former MI6 spy Christopher Steele, author of the utterly discredited “Trump-Russia” dossier that produced countless wholly fictitious stories in the mainstream media, many of which have since been significantly rowed back or retracted outright.

While in Kiev, Jankowicz hosted the YouTube channel of U.K. and U.S. government-funded “fact checker” StopFake, which has endlessly whitewashed the issue of widespread fascism in Ukraine. Jankowicz herself is directly implicated in this shameful, misleading output.

In January 2017, she presented an on-camera report extolling the virtues of four national paramilitary units, including the openly neo-Nazi Azov Battalion, linked to serious human rights abuses and brutal war crimes.

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Hi all hope its OK to put this
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Hi all, hope its OK to put this here. I recently did a video about how to build an off grid power station using affordable parts from the motor industry. My wife and I started a channel about our journey into homesteading and getting off the grid. We're not monetised in any way and created the channel to document our journey and inspire others to do the same.
The 4th Estate World Economic Forum Partners with
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The 4th Estate: World Economic Forum ‘Partners’ with CNN, NYT, Chinese State-Media for Davos 2022

The corporate press and their government sponsors don’t want you to know what is happening in Davos this year, as the global ruling class meets behind heavily secured and invite-only doors this week for the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual meeting in Switzerland.

Our news media is supposed to exist in part to hold powerful people and organizations accountable for their actions. Instead, the corporate press has decided to become an instrument for the powerful, demonstrated by newfound partnerships via the hyper political WEF and their allied “elites” at Davos. The Dossier has reviewed the agenda for Davos 2022 and found that several media “partners” appear on the schedule for the annual WEF meeting.

Here’s but a handful of the media-partnered panels for Davos 2022:

- Monday morning: The Chinese state-affiliated Caixin Media group held a panel in partnership with The WEF on investing in China.
- Monday afternoon: Saw a WEF-CNN partnered panel. On Wednesday there will be another CNN panel on “climate action.” On Monday afternoon, a “Equitable Responses to Ending the Pandemic” panel in partnership with Politico (featuring the CEO of Moderna. And yes, the CEO of Pfizer is also in attendance at Davos)
-Monday evening: a session developed in partnership with The New York Times. The “newspaper of record” will also host a Tuesday panel discussion. On Sunday, Rebel News journalist Avi Yemeni attempted to interview Rebecca Blumenstein, a New York Times moderator for the Monday panel. She refused to comment.

-Tuesday morning: Will see a session on global taxation in partnership with CNBC:
-Tuesday afternoon: A panel in partnership with Reuters.
-Tuesday evening: A panel on the changing world in partnership with the Wall Street Journal. It features Thomas Donilon, the Obama national security chief turned top Blackrock executive

👉 Source: The Dossier, WEF Progamme PDF

These are the priorities of Joe Biden Mayorkas
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These are the priorities of Joe Biden...

"Mayorkas informed lawmakers that the Biden administration was considering diverting resources from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to deal with Biden's border debacle. This includes not just funding but also VA nurses and doctors who are tasked with caring for America's veterans, and who may now be sent to care for illegal immigrants."