I can t tell exactly what is going
“I can’t tell exactly what is going on, but ‘homosexual gets sores’ is not really breaking news, and I’m critical of the idea there even is a virus, and these are not just standard homosexual lesions being renamed for a virus.”
Andrew Anglin
Just went into a school in Leeds where
Forwarded from Laura Towler
Just went into a school in Leeds where my friend’s son attends. The school is about 98% White and they had a full wall full of black history and pro-migrant stuff. The whole thing was full of outright lies. It said George Floyd wasn’t committing a crime at the time of his arrest and he was murdered by “a possibly racist White man”. It had all the usual lies about the Windrush generation. It also had loads of black power fists and rainbows. I took this photo which is about the Windrush generation being treated mean…

I know we know that children are lied to and indoctrinated in British schools, but it’s really shocking to see it in the flesh. There is absolutely no way I’m sending my daughter to school.

Edit: The children are aged 7-11.