Art is a creative way to show our
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Art is a creative way to show our emotions and strike for the Earth in a unique way!

As world leaders continue to contribute towards climate change through spreading CO2 Emissions, MAPA aren't stopping to cease their cruel actions towards the planet. Raise your voice against the climate change contributors!!

Check out these amazing arts by Soha Junaid
Cambodia China s Belt and Road Dam is
Cambodia: China’s ‘Belt and Road’ Dam is a Rights Disaster Indigenous and Ethnic Groups Coerced, Poorly Compensated

Mammoth hydroelectric dam in Cambodia financed by China. Tens of thousands in Indigenous and ethnic groups made worse off. Reservoir emitting greenhouse gas from decaying vegetation on same levels as fossil fuel generation plants.

People lost decade-old fruit trees, homes, fields, graves & religious shrines when their villages in #Cambodia’s Mekong River Basin were submerged.
Everything the rivers provided before the dam was built – food, water, an income from fishing – is gone.
Is it right to set up such an
Is it right to set up such an intergenerational climate time bomb? Carbon capture, carbon removal and net zero emissions are all ways of saying it is okay to keep burning fossil fuels and to keep polluting the atmosphere because we can take care of the problem. These are all false notions that allow the status quo but will not help in the short or long run.”

Pantanal: world's largest tropical wetland area in Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia

🚨SAMPLE TWEETS: Here's the link to our tweet bank:

Hi guys, how are you? We, from Projeto Ajuda Pantanal, would like to invite you to participate in the tweet that will take place on August 13th, Friday at 4 pm UTC!

I imagine if you're someone like me, who doesn't use Twitter much, you might be wondering "What the hell is a tweet?"

Calm calm, I'll explain. A tweet is nothing more than a shower of messages on a particular subject. These messages are also known as tweets.

Yes, that's right, the famous "Tweets". "It's ok, I already understand what a tweet is, but how can I participate in it??"

To participate is very simple, just write a tweet talking about the wetland, always emphasizing the donation site, and posting #AjudaPantanal. Ouu, you can choose a ready-made tweet from the sample tweets and just post it to your profile. Cool huh?

Now that you understand how it works, you can't not participate huh, hehe. We are counting on you!

For more information, ask: @Fariasmikaelle @gaadami @marcoedu28 @barb008 team Ajuda Pantanal

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The climate crisis is rooted materially in the
"The climate crisis is rooted materially in the wasteful, profit-oriented overproduction that is characteristic of imperialism, as this in turn produces excessive amounts of greenhouse gases alongside the wanton exploitation of people and planet, particularly in the Global South. Imperialist powers such as the United States and China are among those responsible for current and future manifestations of the climate crisis, as these two countries are historically and currently the largest carbon emitters in the world, respectively.

Additionally, the US military-industrial complex, supporting hundreds of military bases and operations around the world, has been recognized as a key contributor to our climate emergency, with the US military being the single largest institutional consumer of hydrocarbons in the world."