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i 39 ve received several reports from other
i've received several reports from other people that there were people who sold their catalogue and have similar designs as mine, and i honestly don't care because i never said that you shouldn't recreate my art but if you want to live and be known as someone with similar designs as mine, then so be it. i won't mind if you use me as inspiration as well, but at the very least give me credit. if i ever find those who have plagiarized my designs again without giving me credit, i want you to know that i would prefer to settle things with our mutual agreement (rather than just through money) because there may be other ways to handle the matter that will satisfy both ends.
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first and foremost i 39 d like to
first and foremost, i'd like to thank everyone who took the time to enter the giveaway. so now it's time for me to announce the prizes in order for everyone to know about what will be presented and what we have prepared. for this occasion, eleven people are chosen as winners, and they are:

- one lucky person who get the chance to win 50.000 (@MlNSI)
- five people (5) receive 20.000. (@ahikn, @keziaf, @beaulady, @cJungwoo, @HaknyeonLomL)
- five people (5) receive free access of spotify for one month. (@imsooojin, @ddnji, @iivona, @haknyeov, @Bubbleplums)

and the rest can get the chance to obtain a surprise amount of e-wallet (dana kaget), but the amount of money that will be shared is confidential. all in all, thank you for participating in this giveaway. don't get upset or sad if you don't get picked to win the big prizes, if fate allows then we'll do another giveaway again in the future as well.
due to that reason i 39 m going
due to that reason, i'm going to do a giveaway with 200.000 IDR total price.

• 50.000 IDR for 1 lucky people
• 20.000 IDR for 5 lucky people
• spotify premium 1 month for 5 lucky people

• share this message to your BA/CA/PA/ETC channel
• answer the question down below:
"so far, what do you think of iamdrunkrnow?"

don't try to put too much meaning into my artwork. i'm fine as wine. reply with your honest answer on the comment section, i'll draw the result tomorrow at 7 pm.
this channel has now reached 1000 subscribers i
Media is too big
this channel has now reached 1000 subscribers. i don't know if it's just me who feels overjoyed because of this, or do you guys also feel it? 1000 subscribers is a very huge amount of followers for me. whenever i had spare time, i always went to see the list of subscribers and witnessed lots of customers ordering my artwork. for those who know and have heard about me, even if it's a good thing or a bad thing, i'm thankful because you are all still staying in here. i really appreciate each of you who is still willing to follow toxicpositivity. i'm sorry if there's any mistake from the words that i have uttered or attitudes of mine which might be too unpleasant for some people.

if there's any of you who are interested in having a collaboration with me, you may contact this bot (@iamdrunkrnow_bot) for further information. thank you for sparing your time to read this.
Ssup drunkard How 39 s life I m
Ssup, drunkard. How's life? I’m proudly announcing that we’re changing our logo, as you guys can see our last logo is not that pretty much🥺! And I'm here, louvre clementine presents to you our new logo. Hope you guys like it, and pssst we’re preparing for something new. Please comment your thoughts about iamdrunkrnow’s new logo and I'll give you sum gift for one lucky person!

Louvre Clementine.
Channel name was changed to IAMDRUNKRNOW open
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Channel name was changed to «IAMDRUNKRNOW : close»