Name WinWinCoins 2WC Status Listed in pancakeswap What
🔰 Name : WinWinCoins ($2WC)
🥞 Status : Listed in pancakeswap

What is WinWinCoins?
WinWinCoins is a future platform that will bridge trading robot experts with everyone who would like to invest funds regardless of their cryptocurrency market knowledge.

WinWinCoins will be a DeFi investment platform that offers stakeholders the opportunity to leverage the cumulative experience of all trading robot experts.

Audited & KYC Verified
Token Earning
Total supply: 100 Billions

💥PancakeSwap already listed
💥Renoucing Ownership and liquidity locked forever after CEXs listing
💥First CEX listing will be in CoinsBit, HotBit and BitMart

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The MoveZer is on the move On our
🏃‍♂️The MoveZer is on the move!

🌐On our website you can find the roadmap, where the MoveZer will show you exactly where we are in our journey!

🥳Right now we are nearly finished with the first phase! 80% of the first phase is DONE!

🤩When the public beta apps on iOS and Android launch, the first phase will be completed and we move to Phase II, with a big focus on enhancing the user experience and gamification

🔥Curious about the apps? Check out the preview here!

Keep an eye on the MoveZer, he's moving fast! Can you keep up?

🚴‍♂️Follow the MoveZer and follow all our MoveZ:
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What is Nigma Nigma is a web3 free
What is Nigma? Nigma is a web3 free-to-play and play-to-earn 5v5 shooter. You can join and start playing right now on our website. Choose one of many characters and compete with other real players. All character are customizable. Mint unique weapons which can be traded on our native NFT marketplace.

Looks like a really cool new Play to Earn. Game with multiplayer 3D shooter ability to earn for everyone, the beta version of the game Audit and KYC completed.

Nigma game Fairlaunch on Pinksale


Looks like a really cool new Play to Earn. Game with multiplayer 3D shooter ability to earn for everyone, the beta version of the game Audit and KYC completed.

Social Media
Website | Telegram chat | Twitter | Discord | Instagram
Play to earn mechanics began the gaming revolution
Media is too big
🎮Play-to-earn mechanics began the gaming revolution and SIDUS is conquering this wave to bring out the first ever WEBGL, AAA-level, Play-to-Earn, NFT and RPG game.

🌎The World Based on Crypto and Blockchain Philosophy

🔗The social structure of SIDUS is developed in alignment with crypto and blockchain principles. The top 12 blockchains are represented as planets, each with their own race of beings — Bitcoione, Etheredus, Avalanya and Polkacyon are just some of them.

🌐The initial NFT collection that the project released, termed the ‘Genesis’ collection, consists of 6,000 completely unique NFT works of art. Every Hero was randomly generated from thousands of hand-crafted visual attributes. Heroes are unique as there are no two Heroes that have 100% the same traits. The Genesis collection consists of 6000 Heroes and has 3 levels of rarity: Original, Rare and Legendary.

🕸 Website▫️🐦 Twitter▫️🗣 Telegram chat
▫️📣 Announcement channel▫️📨 Reddit▫️☑️ TikTok
🗽 Discord▫️
🛥 OpenSea▫️🎥 Youtube▫️🧾 Medium
Anya Inu Token FREE airdrops for every buy
Anya Inu Token

FREE airdrops for every buy!!!
Now live on pancakeswap. Easy 100x

82 percent supply burned!
Liquidity locked.

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Rooster Inu The Rooster is the strongest coin
Rooster Inu 🐔🐔🐔

The Rooster is the strongest coin in 2022 #RoosterInu @1goonrich

💥Messiah tw:

📝 Token Information:
◼️Name : Rooster Inu
◼️Symbol : ROR
◼️Blockchain : BSC
◼️Total Supply :

📝Contract Address:



🌍Social Link:


🐔Telegram Group:


🕺Backstage is a decentralized ecosystem powering the Entertainment industry. It's goal is bringing Web3 technology to the back end of any small and large gathering around the world.

🤝To achieve this #Backstage already have partnerships with industry giants such as Venues, hundreds of Clubs, Hotels, Art and Music Festivals, Theater, Sport Teams and just managed to sign in and become share holder of The Music Walk of Fame that owns the rights of the most famous artists in the Music Industry.

🔥Backstage Ecosystem is powered by the BKS token and divided in ramifications:

🎟 NFT Ticketing - Unique platform for minting NFT tickets designed to drive merchandise and at-event sales; loyalty and royalties NFTs to generate revenue while offering owners privileges, lower fees and future engagement with their favorite Artists

💳 Crypto POS Wallet - The first Business Crypto Wallet, seamlessly accept crypto, swap currencies, pay invoices and store NFT's; a buyback mechanism to support partner liquidity and create buy pressure for the BKS token

📈The marketplace - where all connection and transaction happens, considered the new social and business network for the industry

🌐The Metaverse implementation - for P2E games experiences, augmented reality brand marketing and virtual world access to the Backstage Universe.

🗓 IDO date: TBA

💰 Initial Market Cap: $325k

👉 Whitelist 👈

🌐Backstage Official Links:
Exceptional We open the last OZAGOLD OZG private
☄️ Exceptional! We open the last OZAGOLD (OZG) private sale!

🟡 Reserve Token

✔️ Nom : OzaGold
✔️ Symbole : $OZG
✔️ Blockchain : BSC (BEP20)
✔️ Total Supply : 7.040.000 OZG’s
✔️ LP : BURN
✔️ Offer : 0,013$ / OZG
✔️ Wallet Private Sale :

🌐 Website (FR) :
📜 Whitepaper (EN) :
📃 Contract :
🔥 LP :
🦎 CoinGecko :
🥞 Swap :

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 To take advantage of the offer :
https bnbroast com BNB BUSD ROI Dapp 05BNB
➡️ 0.05BNB / 10 BUSD Minimum Investment
➡️ Daily 19% for 7 Days
➡️ 133% ROI in 7 Days
👉 For full Audit Report and project details:

Join project group @bnbroast
Are you ready for one of the most
Are you ready for one of the most highly Anticipated launches of 2022 ?

SHIBALUNA , $SHUNA, has a 1 Trillion Total Token Supply and is a Meme Based Token from the Terraform Labs Devs. Already responsible for FOUR Top 100 Tokens, TERRA LUNA, UST, ANCHOR Protocol, KWON and NOW SHIBLUNA !!
Taxes are 10% which breakdown to
2% Liquidity
4% Ecosystem
4% Marketing

Launches 930PM NYC Time on Sunday 05/22/22 via PancakeSwap, Followed by World Reknowed Centralized Exchange BINANCE listing on June 21st.

Our Website is and our Twitter is : @SHIBLUNA followed by our Instagram @SHIBLUNA_TOKEN

Our Contract address is :
On the Binance Smart Chain Network.

Additionally we have Completed THREE FULL Audits , one by SAFU AUDITS, We are FULL KYC’d, and FULLY DOXXED TERRA Development Team on our soon to be 5th TOP 100 Project !!! EVERY PENNY Of
Our Liquidity
will be LOCKED for (5) FIVE FULL YEARS, and NO FOUNDERS Tokens to be issued or Sold until 2023. Every Security Issue Possible is COVERED. Your Money is Safe here with The SHIBLUNA Team!!! LFG !!!