W HD Torrents Seeding 24 7 with multiple
W HD-Torrents

Seeding 24/7 with multiple seedboxes. Would love an invite!

Currently a member of TL and PHD and two xxx private trackers. Can send screenshot of profile and ratio.

Ratio is 3+ on all trackers w/ about 25TB uploaded this month.

W HD Torrents Invite I m search of
W HD-Torrents Invite

I’m search of an HD-Torrents Invite. Been torrenting for years, but just recently got into private trackers. Have active accounts on PHD, TL, TDB and IPT, all with at least a 5 ratio. I have a seedbox and also permaseed everything I download.

W Pro audio torrents Like the title says
W Pro audio torrents

Like the title says. I have a seedbox and seed audio for at least 6 months if not indefinitely.

W HD Torrents invite Just got back into
W HD-Torrents invite

Just got back into this. Currently only a member of IP torrents. Would appreciate any invites!

W Hs Scene to Hi I am a
W Hs-Scene.to


I am a huge fan of audiobooks and I would love to see what **Hs-Scene.to** has to offer. Would really appreciate an invite :-)

W HD Torrents invite I would love to
W HD-Torrents invite

I would love to join this private tracker and appreciate it ALOT if someone have a invite for me. I have mostly been active on avistaz with pretty high ratio i would say.