Realbox Global News 12 1 2023 Highlights from
#Realbox Global News 12/1/2023

💥 Highlights from the previous 24 hours:

Tokens for artificial intelligence (AI) projects have risen sharply in the days since Microsoft announced its co-ownership plan

Avalanche shakes hands with Amazon Web Services - AVAX increases "crazy"

El Salvador passes crypto asset issuance legislation, paving the way for "Bitcoin bonds"

The Ledger hardware wallet supports the first Web3 game on the Ledger Live application

Despite design flaws, the NFT Game of Thrones sold out in 7 hours

Binance receives its seventh approval in Europe

Gala Games (GALA) pumps and dumps heavily due to ambiguous "blockbuster" information

Lens Protocol for content creators to manage content with tokens

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Realbox Global News 11 1 2023 Highlights from
#Realbox Global News 11/1/2023

💥 Highlights from the previous 24 hours:

Bitcoin price today 11/1: Keeping the 17k resistance in mind, altcoins recover

Voyager's plan to sell assets to Binance US was initially approved by a New York judge

Yearn Finance allows users to create their own investment portfolios vault

Gemini discontinues Earn and terminates its lending relationship with Genesis

BitDAO launches Testnet for Layer 2 Mantle solution on Ethereum

Two Yuga Labs founders have been barred from testifying in the NFT Bored Ape copyright dispute

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Realbox Global News 10 1 2023 Highlights from
#Realbox Global News 10/1/2023

💥 Highlights from the previous 24 hours:

More than 100 organizations expressed an interest in acquiring an FTX subsidiary

Bitcoin mining company shares have recovered significantly; has investor confidence returned to BTC?

Flare Network (FLR) begins airdrop after a two-year delay

Bitcoin hits 17,200 USD, Ethereum surpasses 1,300 USD, and the market is thriving in the first week of the year

Apple is preparing to release Metaverse virtual reality glasses

Flare Network (FLR) begins airdropping

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New year resolution Making your portfolio more diversified
🎉New year resolution - Making your portfolio more diversified with real estate!

After thoroughly grasping the real estate investing market, it's time to consider improving your portfolio. Here are some important considerations when reviewing your investing alternatives and potential returns.

💎Focus on strong passive income
💎Consider Risk-Adjusted return potential
💎Plan for robust diversification
💎More importantly, choosing the right Investment platform

Realbox has it all, not only bring you a blockchain-driven real estate platform, we also offer an ecosystem for real estate tokenization, bringing together a solid combined experience in real estate development, fund management and blockchain technology.

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Realbox Global News 08 1 2023 Highlights from
#Realbox Global News 08/1/2023

💥 Highlights from the previous 24 hours:

Justin Sun transferred about $100 million in stablecoins to Huobi

PROOF's NFT Moonbirds project has a contract with UTA

Mastercard collaborates with Polygon to help artists and musicians build their online reputations

Polygon spends $3 million USD to get Y00ts and DeGods to leave Solana

Magic Eden refunds users who purchase fake NFT from their website

ApeCoin is up 22% after Eminem and Snoop Dogg's new hit

Coinvn will be a media partner at Blockchain Expo HCM 2022

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🔑When a company creates a utility token, it means that it is essentially creating a form of a digital coupon that can be redeemed in the future for discounted fees or special access to a product or service. In particular:
🔹The token owner has certain rights, including the right to utilize or own a product and the right to pitch or vote for particular cases or topics
🔹Having utility tokens allow you decentralized storage. These tokens provide the exchange value for the services they give
💎REB is the native utility token of Realbox platform, which is used to pay for service fees in the Realbox ecosystem, including listing, subscription, transaction, borrowing fees and paying dividends, etc… In short, REB is a ticket required to step into Realbox ecosystem.
👉Users can now purchase REB on KyberSwap and Trustkey Network
Warmly welcome to The Pine Retreat With the
Warmly welcome to The Pine Retreat!
💯 With the price from only 2,200,000 VND*, you can have 1 night experience here.
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* Different platforms will have different prices, and price will depend on days & seasons that you chose
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Realbox Global News 06 1 2023 Highlights from
#Realbox Global News 06/1/2023

💥 Highlights from the previous 24 hours:

Telegram's TON Blockchain has launched a project for decentralized storage

Bitcoin Marathon Digital mining's "big man" concludes positively in 2022, relieving pressure on the industry

Evmos now supports the automatic exchange of compatible tokens between Cosmos and Ethereum

Microsoft confirms its desire to improve user experience through the metaverse

Shopify first integrates the Avalanche NFT system

Upbit exchange is a sponsor of the Italian football club Napoli

Trader Joe introduces a DEX and NFT marketplace to the BNB Chain

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🌟Introducing Realbox's new Dashboard interface, which improves the appearance and brings ease of use for users. Let's explore the new features below:
💥The Earn section: Realbox has updated the chart for users' passive interest, which only includes interest payments made with Vault investments.
💥The Total Value section: This displays the total amount of money in the wallet, approximately calculated in USD (Including all Available Amounts, Lock Amounts, Booking Amounts, and Total Staking Amounts).
🆘 Note: REB is not included; you can click the icon next to the "Total value" section for more details
💥The Assets & Total Earn section: This section shows statistics about passive income and passive earnings.
💥 The Vault Investing section: Realbox has shown the statistics of the amount of money in your assets.
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Realbox Global News 05 1 2023 Highlights from
#Realbox Global News 05/1/2023

💥 Highlights from the previous 24 hours:

In terms of trading volume, DeFiLlama's new DEX aggregator outperforms Metamask and Coinbase

Binance will control up to 92% of the Bitcoin spot trading market by the end of 2022

SEC opposes Binance.US' Voyager acquisition plan

In the FTX case, the US Department of Justice seizes $ 450 million in Robinhood shares

Indonesia intends to establish a national cryptocurrency exchange

Riot Blockchain Bitcoin Mining Company Has Changed Names

Welcome to Vietnam for the 2023 Southeast Asia Digital Transformation Summit

Bitcoin mining difficulty falls by 3.6%, while revenue increases by 0.9% in December

The Dogecoin Foundation has announced the creation of a new fund for core developers
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