Dear friends A truly wonderful gift was given
Dear friends!
A truly wonderful gift was given to me today by an admirer from Germany, Markus J. This truly graceful horse of the legendary Shire breed bears the symbolic name Marshall. Our dear friend handed it over as a sign of deep respect and gratitude to Russia and to those who sincerely cheer for its well-being. He admits that our country is closer to him in spirit than the one in which he was born. And in this regard, he has been thinking about moving for a long time.

As a devoted fan of horses, I was rather surprised and delighted with such a gift, for which I sincerely thank him.

We welcome his desire with a greate pleasure to move to a strong and freedom-loving Russia. Because here he will find not only business partners, but also loyal friends.

Our doors are always open for you, dear Markus J.!