Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom on Rumble What a
‼️‼️‼️Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom on Rumble‼️‼️‼️

What a fantastic Friday Night Zoom! So much good stuff!

We had a woman, Christine, join us who is taking on the feds for the gun grab, and she is damn smart. We are going to be working on her on an action plan to put the breaks on Bill C-21.

Maggie who is collaborating with was also with us to share her new initiative that kicks off on Jan 28th - the anniversary of the Convoy! Stay tuned for more info on this.

Jane and I discussed the next steps for the Trudeau4Treason Trail campaign, and we are kicking off the first planning session on Wed, Jan 11th for anyone who wants to join, message

We also read the announcement regarding the tragic story of Nicola Angelo Marchione who's family wants answers to his death that took place in Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario. Please read the details regarding his death here,

And learn what you can do to protect you and your loved ones by reading the information on Stand4THEE,

Finally, we ended the call with a bit of a legal nerd fest with Ivan, Eric and Mitch from New Brunswick... we dug into some deep aspects of law, some new to us, and it was a highlight of the night. We are having them back on next week as a our special guests and we are going to nerd out even more! So much to learn and share with each other through these open dialogues!

Watch HERE:

Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom Jump on the Trudeau4Treason
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‼️🔥‼️Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom‼️🔥‼️

Jump on the Trudeau4Treason Trail!

Join us tonight for the unofficial kick-off of the Trudeau4Treason Trail! What have we got cooked up, and how can you get involved to be part of this National event?

We'll also continue the conversation from last night's medical rights info zoom (replay is listed below). We couldn't fit everything into one night.

See you all tonight!

Watch last week's Zoom (and all our previous Zoom recordings) HERE

Unfortunately last week's Zoom (Dec 30th) recording was accidentally deleted.

Topic: Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom
Time: Fri, Jan 6th @ 8PM (EST)
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 881 9491 8110
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+16475580588, 88194918110
+17789072071, 88194918110

If you haven't already, please join us on our social channels:
Medical Rights Zoom Jan 5th 8PM EST Medical
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Medical Rights Zoom Jan 5th @ 8PM (EST)
Medical Zoom-4
Stand4THEE is hosting an information session on Jan 5th @ 8PM (EST) regarding your rights within the medical system.

This Zoom is for anyone who requires medical support, has experienced medical tyranny, or has a passion for this subject and is looking to help others.

We'll provide direction on medical rights in Canada and how to get set-up for success when entering into the medical system. And we'll leave plenty of time for questions and answers.

Check out the information on our site to learn how to navigate the medical system HERE.

Topic: Stand4THEE Medical Rights Zoom
Time: Thurs, Jan 5th @ 8PM (EST)
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 881 9491 8110
One tap mobile
+16475580588, 88194918110
+17789072071, 88194918110
Happy New Year All the best to you
🥂💥💫Happy New Year💫💥🥂

All the best to you and yours for 2023!

Thank you to all of you for being part of the Stand4THEE family!

Together, we will continue to create change for a better world for us all... and kick ass!

Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom 8PM EST What's Up
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💥🔥‼️Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom @ 8PM (EST)‼️🔥💥

What's Up Stand4THEE Family?

Jane and I will share some quick updates on Stand4THEE actions, but tonight we would like to hear about your success for 2022.

Maybe you had your charges dropped, or you won a battle with the medical system... or you started a new endeavor. No matter how big or small, let's celebrate YOUR wins! AND let us know what you have cooking up for 2023!

Watch last week's Zoom (and all our previous Zoom recordings) on our Rumble channel:

Topic: Stand4THEE Friday Night Zoom
Time: Fri, Dec 30th @ 8PM (EST)
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 881 9491 8110
ON NOW Jane Scharf and Jason Laface join
‼️‼️ON NOW‼️‼️

Jane Scharf and Jason Laface join Beth Martens on her show, Kings Heros.

From Beth:

"I was catching the regular Friday night Zooms Stand4Thee last week when Jane Scharf and Rebecca Sheppard had Canadian Freedom Convoy organizer and podcaster, Jason LaFace on to speak briefly about what would have been a 2023 convoy and other possible plans in the making.

Jason LaFace and Jane Scharf are coming on for a live recap and strategy session - some updates about how the convoy freedom movement has evolved, details of the class action law suit against convoy organizers and the fake commission after the events of the past year, and how they are moving forward from here.

Jane Scharf is a paralegal from Ontario who with Rebecca Sheppard heads up “Stand4thee,” famous for their #trudeaufortreason campaign can be found at []( and check out Jason’s podcast, Canada’s Freedom Radio! at the link below