OUR MISSION The Base is a survivalism self
The Base is a survivalism & self-defense network for nationalists. It is not a terrorist organization, neo-nazi group, or a criminal gang. The Base is preparing for a hypothetical time in the future when law & order breaks down on a large scale in the United States and government is unable or unwilling to restore it.

We are accelerationists because we welcome such a scenario for ideological reasons. However, we don't intend to contribute to acceleration via acts of violence. This is an important distinction which is lost on our critics. Rather, we are training and waiting for a hypothetical future which, frankly, may or may not ever arrive.

But if that day does come, our goal is to secure as much lawless territory as possible. Doing so will almost inevitably require the use of force in some manner whether defensively, offensively, or some combination of the two. It will also most likely require members to survive in a rather harsh and unpredictable environment in which food, water, power, and other vital necessities are scarce.

These are the reasons why we train. The Base will not foster civil unrest of any kind—Rather, we intend to restore order from chaos. We are *not* planning attacks and we don't encourage others to do so either.

If you're interested in joining The Base, send an email to: thebase111@protonmail.com