Behind you is Europa Before you is Europa
“Behind you is Europa. Before you is Europa. Inside you is Europa. “

t Murdockish
Together Meds and Nords Christians and pagangang Rebs
Together? Meds and Nords, Christians and pagangang, Rebs and Yanks, Seppos and Strayans, White people and Irish…


My Proposal If diversity is really our strength
My Proposal:

If diversity is really our strength, and if White men are so evil…

We grant every White man 72 hours of PC freedom.

They can say whatever they want publicly, in the press, on the square, at work, at home whatever they want.

They are free to discrimInate for 72 hours.

If at the end of that 72 hours all White men don’t agree that they were weakened by racism and exclusion - if they don’t want to go back - they are free to have this pass in perpetuity.

What choice do you think all White men would take?
This is how BLM would have been treated
Forwarded from Blackpilled
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This is how BLM would have been treated if Trump had been a competent leader.
Everyone loves going to camp Everyone gets laid
Everyone loves going to camp. Everyone gets laid at camp.

Except fat camp.

And Auschwitz.