The latest wallet bot update a new interface
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The latest @wallet bot update: a new interface, a QR code scanner, and domains

The team behind the @wallet Telegram bot has released a new update that delivers quality-of-life improvements to make your crypto experience even more accessible.

A new interface

The user experience wouldn’t be complete without a streamlined interface. In this latest update, the UI now contains a “Paste” button, which makes entering long wallet addresses much smoother.

Moreover, the send crypto screen has a built-in QR code scanner.

TON Web3 addresses

Speaking of long addresses — @wallet has integrated support for short human-readable “” domains to send and receive Toncoin, eliminating the possibility of bungling long addresses or copying the wrong one. You’ll have to visit Telegram’s domain platform, Fragment, to purchase a domain, but more information is available here.

Transaction history

Rounding out this line-up of solid improvements is a revamped transaction history. After making transactions with your Telegram contacts, you’ll now see their avatars instead of colored circles — a nice little touch making your history more visually pleasant.

To experience these new features, you must update the Telegram app to its latest version.
Year in review 2022 We’ve put together a
Year in review — 2022

We’ve put together a highlight reel of the TON blockchain’s biggest milestones and events from 2022.

The Open Network made leaps and bounds last year, so we want to take this opportunity to revel in the year that was with all of you.

Our year-end review is available here (we recommend going to the top of the channel and beginning there):
The results are in for the Token Bridge
The results are in for the Token Bridge smart contract competition.

For two weeks, developers and programming specialists racked their brains in an attempt to find potential weaknesses in the Token Bridge’s smart contracts.

By the end of the competition, organizers had received four submissions in the Solidity programming language and six in FunC.

However, none of the submissions uncovered any critical vulnerabilities.

The competition did recognize three individuals for suggesting minor optimizations to the smart contracts, each of whom took home 200 Toncoin.
Preparations for the Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks are in full
Preparations for the Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks are in full swing!

The TON Foundation and DoraHacks, a hacking platform uniting businesses and entrepreneurs, are gearing up to host a worldwide Hack-a-TON that’ll kick off on Jan. 30 in the TON ecosystem.

This large-scale event is offering a total prize pool of $180,000, in which thousands of developers will participate.

In addition to the online component of the competition, the event will offer 12 offline training sessions and meet-ups in Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Israel, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and others.

"Winning teams will have an opportunity to attract funding from the TONcoin.Fund."

You can find dev tools and all information on the hackathon on this page:

If you have participated in TON events for developers or have programmed in FunC before, you can lend a hand in promoting Hack-a-TONx DoraHacks by writing an article on your personal experience and providing advice to beginner developers ($300 in Toncoin will be awarded to the authors of the best articles).

You can submit your articles until Jan. 20.

▪️ How I started writing smart contracts on FunC in three days at Hack-a-TON x Prague

▪️ Mastering Smart Contracts on TON: Reflections on My Experience at TON Smart Challenge #3

▪️ 8 things you need to know to hack TON's first global hackathon successfully

▪️ Hack-a-TONx: Where Ideas Go to Get Their Hustle On

▪️ The infrastructure of TON.

You can read more details in this post.

We encourage all specialists to participate in a truly global event!

The hackathon starts on Jan. 30 and ends on March 31.
TON Community Weekly Digest Here’s a roundup of
TON Community Weekly Digest

Here’s a roundup of the ecosystem’s most exciting news from the past seven days.

Network stats update:

▪️ The number of new accounts created on TON from Jan. 1 to 7 grew from 1,836,890 to 1,866,467 (+1.6%).


▪️ The TON network executed its 100-millionth transaction. Read more.

▪️ TON Storage, a decentralized file-sharing and data-storing system and the newest Web3 component on TON, was presented. Read more.

▪️ CoinDesk, one of the biggest crypto news sites in the world, published an article covering the TON Storage component. Read the article here.

▪️ The “New Year Eggs” holiday season event from NFT marketplace Getgems is ongoing and will soon enter its most exciting stage. Read more.

▪️ ​Telegram client iMe Messenger and its crypto wallet added support for TON. Read more.

▪️ Crypto research community M6 Labs Research conducted an analysis of the TON ecosystem and published an in-depth report about the blockchain. Read more.

▪️ Digital asset transaction network Mixin Network added storing capabilities to its Mixin Messenger wallet and MixinBot on Telegram. Read more.

▪️ Tegro.Finance, a new DEX on TON from Tegro, launched its mainnet.
▪️ Tegro also launched an NFT marketplace, LiberMall.
▪️ The Tegro.Finance DEX was listed on DefiLlama and whose TVL is now included in the TON ecosystem’s DeFi segment.

▪️Crowdfunding platform GAGARIN has begun integrating the TON blockchain.

▪️ Scammer activity surfaced last week. We urge everyone not to send Toncoin to third parties and read our guide on digital safety.

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments brewing in the TON ecosystem by turning on the notifications to this channel. You won’t want to miss a thing!
A handful of TON altcoins available on CoinMarketCap
Forwarded from The Daily TON
📒 A handful of TON altcoins available on CoinMarketCap

⚫️ The DeFi industry on The Open Network gained recognition at the world-famous cryptocurrency aggregator CoinMarketCap. Now users can track not only the native token of the blockchain but many others. This became possible thanks to the listing of DeDust on the analytical website.

✈️ $SCALE is available for trading on DeDust

⚫️ A primary token of Scaleton and the DeDust exchange. Users can be awarded tokens by developing the ecosystem around the product and finding bugs. According to the developer, $SCALE holders will get unique benefits from trading on DeDust in the future.

✈️ $TNX is available for trading on DeDust / Tonswap

⚫️ A native token of the social network based on the TON blockchain, Tonex. Users can tip others with $TNX, ads on the site, and much more. The founder has plans to integrate the token as a means of payment for NFT on Tonex.

✈️ $AMBRA is available for trading on DeDust / / Tonswap

⚫️ $AMBRA is run by Ton Whales, the initial developers of the first mining pool on The Open Network, and Tonhub, a well-known wallet app. The holders of TON Whales NFT periodically may win coins and exchange them for some goods in Whales lifestyle shop.

✈️ $OUSDT is available for trading on DeDust /

⚫️ It is a wrapped Tether stablecoin that you can receive using Orbit Bridge. Read more about it in our recent post.

✈️ $TGR is available for trading on / Tegro.Finance. Listed on CoinMarketCap as a BEP-20 token

⚫️ A native token of Tegro Ecosystem and the Tegro.Finance decentralized exchange. In the future, users will be able to receive cashback in the form of tokens from transactions on the exchange. Integrated as a means of payment into several Telegram bots.

These and a bunch of other tokens are also available for trading in the TON Rocket bot. This list will expand as more TON tokens appear on CoinMarketCap.

Please open Telegram to view this post
The New Year Egg event continues The New
The “New Year Egg” event continues!

The New Year Egg holiday event hosted by Getgems with the TON Community is ongoing.

The NFT Egg event will end on Jan. 9 and mark the beginning of the fun that will ensue: Egg holders will “collide” their Eggs with other participants until one egg is left standing.

All Egg sales on Getgems will go directly to the event’s prize pool, which is about 5,200 Toncoin ($11,200 at the time of writing) and will be awarded to the event’s champion.

You can still enter the competition by buying an Egg for 1 Toncoin before 09:00 am (UTC) on Jan. 9 here and try your luck for the prize pool.


▪️ Detailed game instructions
▪️ How to buy an NFT Egg

More information on Getgems’ official Telegram channel:

▪️ General game rules and a step-by-step guide on selling Eggs
▪️ A stream with Getgems talking about the game
▪️ A detailed explanation of the game’s mechanics

Come one, come all to participate in the New Year holiday event!
Mixin Network will add support for TON Mixin
Mixin Network will add support for TON.

Mixin Network, a distributed ledger allowing the transfer of digital assets with zero network fees, will add Toncoin support for its wallet, Mixin Messenger, and its MixinBot on Telegram.

Mixin Network is a decentralized Web3 platform with open-source code, a developed ecosystem comprising many dApps, its own messenger, and a crypto wallet, Mixin Messenger, which supports 47 public blockchains and most well-known cryptocurrencies. The network has around $1 billion worth of assets.

People will be able to store, send, and receive Toncoin on Mixin shortly, as well as BTC, ETH, AVAX, DOT, and others.

Toncoin will also be supported by the cross-chain payments protocol MixPay Protocol, a decentralized Web3 cross-chain payment protocol powered by Mixin Network. MixPay Protocol connects different chains, cryptos, wallets, exchanges, market makers, integrators, and developers together.

Below are a few words on the MixinBot on Telegram.

MixinBot is a crypto wallet with a modern interface that allows users to transact with digital assets without leaving the messenger.

The bot also lets users store NFTs, supports many blockchains and native cryptocurrencies, and even has a built-in crypto exchange.

This fantastic news means that Toncoin is going to be available on yet another crypto service on Telegram.
M6 Labs Research has done an overview of
M6 Labs Research has done an overview of the TON ecosystem.

Research community M6 Labs Research, a member of the crypto and blockchain resource Momentum6, has conducted an analysis of the TON ecosystem and written extensively about TON’s history and its current and future potential.

You can find the analysis document here:

Momentum6 is a community of like-minded enthusiasts who study and experiment with blockchains, cryptocurrencies, and Web3 services.

Momentum6 conducts thorough research on trends in the cryptocurrency industry and provide an international platform for Web3 projects where teams can gain exposure for themselves and their products.
TON Storage On Dec 31 2022 the TON
TON Storage

On Dec. 31, 2022, the TON Foundation presented to the community TON Storage, a technology that reliably stores data of any size on the decentralized TON network.

It’s important to note that every key component for a Web3 internet from TON’s roadmap was released on schedule.

TON developers have published an article on TON Storage, and we’re going to give a run-down of its most exciting aspects.

TON Storage: What you need to know

▪️ In the modern world, there’s only one safe way to store data: by spreading the information among as many storage devices as possible and saving it in various locations.

▪️ The technology behind TON Storage is akin to BitTorrent’s. Like torrents, users download files directly from one another’s devices without using servers or data centers.

▪️ With a special utility, any user can upload a file onto The Open Network and make it available for download. The following user who downloads the file will automatically become a storage node and join in seeding, while the next person will download from the first two nodes (users) simultaneously. This way, file copies will be stored in various locations worldwide.

▪️ Anyone can become a storage node on the TON network and receive Toncoin directly from users for storing files and data.

▪️ Uploaded files on the network are immutable, and the integrity is confirmed via cryptography.

▪️ On regular torrents, there are no guarantees of secure storage and no financial incentive. Files are available as long as one node on the network is storing them. TON Storage can provide data security by creating special smart contracts between users and storage nodes. The smart contracts guarantee that users will pay the node a fixed price for storing their files.

▪️ TON Storage is integrated with TON Sites. Now you can host a TON site in TON Storage.

▪️ TON Storage is a suitable option for storing NFT content. The TON NFT standard was designed with the possibility of migrating to TON Storage in mind, and now collection creators can use this feature.

▪️ On TON Storage, you can upload private data, which will be encrypted beforehand with the help of your TON wallet keys. This will provide excellent security and allow users to avoid using log-ins and passwords.

▪️ The TON Foundation encourages developers to create products based on TON Storage, from convenient apps similar to Dropbox to non-commercial torrent portals for file sharing.

▪️ The TON Foundation will be concentrating on integrating TON Storage with TON Payments to enable rewarding storage nodes not only for storing files but also for quick sharing.

▪️ We invite the community to download a file from TON Storage
in a regular web browser (you’ll have to know how to open TON sites).

Congratulations to the community for launching the final key Web3 component.

2023 will be the year we see the synergy of TON’s Web3 components and the dawn of the decentralized internet.