Insane speed and minimal fees That 39 s
​​Insane speed and minimal fees? That's #Velas.

By using $VLX you can create more than 1000 transactions for less than a dollar. The unparalleled technology of Velas is what enables developers to bring their #dApps to the next level.
Velas leads with exceptional ideas Across all the
Velas leads with exceptional ideas. Across all the Velas products, deep insight and valuable solutions are offered on today's most critical issues. Simplify your life with the #VelasWallet.

Check your $VLX balance with one hand every day.
To address the main blockchain trilemma our technologies
​​To address the main blockchain trilemma, our technologies are being developed with an emphasis on scalability, security, and decentralization📟

Currently, the Velas blockchain’s performance is much higher than what can be seen across most of the existing blockchain platforms.
We are building an open source blockchain ecosystem
​​🚀We are building an open-source blockchain ecosystem of services and products, aiming to combine the best qualities of both the centralized and decentralized world.
Join our Discord channel where you can find
Join our #Discord channel where you can find the latest news about Velas and ask us anything about our products or blockchain 📈
Here is the recap of our AMA with
Here is the recap of our AMA with Sparkies:🎙We discussed challenges that they faced and how they dealt with them, came through the roots of the project, and shed some light on the Sparkies’ future plans.

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Now you can buy VLX seamlessly and securely
Now you can buy $VLX seamlessly and securely from the #VelasWallet via Transak using a debit card, credit card, or Apple Pay.

We’ve also added a button on the website where you can try a new way to buy Velas ($VLX).
Hi dear community Thanks for your participation in
🥳Hi dear community!
Thanks for your participation in the last contest! We're ready to thank you for your commitment with another giveaway! Complete all steps and 🎁 get a chance to win 500 $VLX.

We will have 20 winners, so your chances to win are higher!

Good luck! 🤞
Velas FlashLight 29 Check out the 29th summary
Velas FlashLight №29
Check out the 29th summary of everything that has happened with Velas over these past few weeks!

How much VLX do you need to becme
​​How much $VLX do you need to becme a delegate? How much $VLX do you need to run a validator? How do I delegate $VLX?

We prepared all answers in one video post. Here you are👇