You are probably aware that X LA is
You are probably aware that X.LA is a DAO. And do you know what that means? 😉

No central authority! Fully autonomous! Transparent! - These three words perfectly sum up what a DAO represents. A DAO or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization is an entity whose members are the ultimate decision-makers. The way a DAO functions is - it receives funds by allocating tokens, and in return, the token holders receive voting rights. This comes into play when changes need to be made to already laid down rules and regulations. There are various kinds of DAOs like protocol, service, media, etc., but the core idea remains the same, i.e., By the community and for the community.

With Web 3.0 being the future, the emergence and adoption of DAOs will only rise. So, make sure you stay on top of the latest developments, and we hope this piece helped you kickstart things on the right note. 😎
From tech leaders to laypeople a day doesn
From tech leaders to laypeople, a day doesn't go by when someone or the other muses about what the Metaverse will entail. Can they be blamed for it? Absolutely not! Metaverse is and has been a fascinating concept since appearing for the first time in Neal Stephenson's novel back in 1992.

So, what makes the Metaverse such a fascinating concept? 🤩

Well, the fact that it isn't limited to just one person. From a business person to a creator, everyone can use the Metaverse in their way. While brands like Gucci are setting up virtual stores in the Metaverse, artists like Justin Bieber are having concerts, so you can imagine the potential the Metaverse holds. 🔥

If, after reading the above, you're curious to know more about the Metaverse, then our latest blog post is just what you're looking for.

Check it out:
We are delighted to announce that the X
📢 We are delighted to announce that the X.LA team is attending Korea Blockchain Week, which takes place in the heart of Seoul, South Korea August 7-14.

Korea Blockchain Week is the latest in a line of high-level events that have brought together the best and brightest from around the Web3/crypto world. So, naturally, X.LA will be there, meeting and greeting the business minds and fans who are helping shape the future of blockchain and the Web3 economy.

Aside from the networking, the event also features discussions and panels with some of the industry’s true heavy-hitters such as Ethereum Chief Scientist Vitalik Buterin, Polygon co-founder, Sandeep Nailwal, and Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao. This is just a tiny fraction of the key executives sharing their visions and perspectives at this vital time for the industry.

Like all the events that X.LA has attended, they offer a tremendous opportunity for us to network, get to know more people and companies around the world, and also share our unique vision.

Follow along here as we bring you the insights, updates, and valuable learnings we gather from Seoul.
We always delve into what is Web 3
We always delve into what is Web 3.0, so why not continue on that path and look at the benefits this time.

So, here are some of the key benefits of Web 3.0:

1️⃣ Decentralization
In the future, we no longer have to worry about a centralized agency or some platform keeping a check on what we do. You'll get a chance to decide, who has access to your data, thus ending platforms monopoly. 🧐

2️⃣ Uninterrupted service
Unlike now, when data is stored on a single primary server, it'll be accessible across various servers. So, in case of a hacker's attack or server outage, there won't be any service disruption. 🛠

3️⃣ Collaboration
Web 3.0 will introduce a culture of DAOs, entirely transforming how organizations function. And, with each stakeholder having equal rights, the sole focus will be on what's best for an organization and not one person in charge. 🙏

There are other benefits, but the above mentioned represent the core ones.

Which of the above benefits appeals to you the most? Let us know
Some crypto related news review for you again
Some crypto related news review for you again.

$620bn USD - the amount by which the top 100 cryptocurrencies have surpassed the top 100 fintech companies in value, according to a recent study! 😮 The fact that digital currencies came into existence a little over a decade ago and still managed to be valued more over a list of companies, including Stripe and Braintree, is an achievement! 🎉

What are the reasons that made cryptocurrencies able to reach those heights? Mostly, it's the fact that cryptocurrencies provide access to markets and consumers unreachable to traditional financial systems. Along with transparency and lower fees compared to the common financial models. But, of all the reasons, decentralization and trustless transactions are probably the ones that will ensure mass adoption of crypto in the years to come.

What we're curious about the most is: how quickly will the world adapt to crypto? 🤔
Any thoughts about that? Let us know!
For those of you who 39 ve recently
For those of you who've recently gotten into crypto, everything that is currently happening with the crypto market might seem scary and disturbing. 😱 But it's actually not the first time, and it's a part of a normal bear cycle in the crypto industry. So let us give you something to cheer about! 🥳

Wondering how we are going to cheer you up? Well, keep reading! One of the most drastic Bear cycles, also called crypto winters, took place in 2014. Some coins lost more than 90% of their value during this period. But, as many of you would know, the market recovered, and it will rise back this time as well. Factors like government regulation proposals, global recession, etc., are some significant elements for the weakened demand for cryptocurrencies. But there are multiple reasons for the crypto market to flourish like never before. Wondering what those are? 🧐

Why don't you check out our latest blog post👇
First of all a big hurray to the
First of all, a big hurray to the entire community for making Zip Zap Zoom one hell of a contest! 🎉 🎉

Now comes the time to announce the winners who will receive "The Dream Team" NFTs! The 1st place receives 2 Uncommon NFTs, 2nd and 3rd place receives 1 Uncommon NFT! 🎁

| Presenting the 'Top 3 Winners':

1️⃣ @Daria_Okila - 90 points!
2️⃣ @Hakkanoodle69 - 80 points!
3️⃣ @MagicMan_z - 60 points!

The three of you nailed it! 🥳

And a Bonus Prize! 💝 Every person who scored at least 10 contest points receives a Common NFT! Those are:
@FinoAlaFine_187, @tkach_7, @Kamotho0, @Burliuk00, @slavagoodcat, @Kenz2102, @volfsz, @GgWp2Hrust, @gasikkh

Moreover, everyone who filled out the form and answered at least one question correctly in time (before the answer was announced) receives bonus points in our referral program! 👏

Pat yourself on the back for being such wonderful participants! 🤗 There's a lot more coming your way!

So stay tuned, and thank you once again! ❤️
The LAST question of Zip Zap Zoom is
The LAST question of Zip Zap Zoom is here!

Back in 2015, crypto-artist Marguerite Driscoll released the last piece of her Bitcoin puzzle entitled “The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto.” The hidden message encoded in the painting contained the key to a specific Bitcoin wallet. It took 3 years for crypto-enthusiasts to resolve this puzzle, and the winner obtained almost 5 BTC.

What was the address for the puzzle’s wallet?
Tomorrow is the final day of Zip Zap
Tomorrow is the final day of Zip Zap Zoom, and we’ve got something exciting coming your way! 🔥 🔥

Each question tomorrow will carry 20 points, instead of 10! 😱

So, for those of you who are trailing behind, this is the perfect opportunity to climb all the way to the top. And, to those who are already leading, just keep doing what you’ve been doing and you’ll be untouchable. 😎

The questions will be really challenging, but it’s all worth the effort! 🥳
A new day and new pack of Zip
A new day and new pack of Zip Zap Zoom questions! 🥳
You still have a chance to reach to the top!

Let’s start the day easy, shall we?

What is the official name for the most commonly used cryptocurrency at the NFT market?

- Etherium
- Ethereum
- Eth
- Ether
- Ethern